Woot. Today’s the day!!!

Welcome to the shiny new version of robinbridges.com!  A million and one thank you’s to my web designer, Kitty Mead, of Ink2Art web designs, who is a magician and a sweetheart.
Since it’s Robin’s New Website Day as well as Dreaming of Antigone’s Book Birthday, it’s time to celebrate.  I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky book lover.  So please celebrate with me!

What new YA releases are you looking forward to in April?


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5 thoughts on “Woot. Today’s the day!!!

  1. The books I’m anticipating the most this year are Some Kind Of Perfect, Infini, Damaged Like Us (all by KB Ritchie), The Rose & The Dagger, The Star Touched Queen, The Raven King <3

    1. Ooh, I have to hurry up and read The Wrath and the Dawn so I am ready for The Rose and the Dagger! (It’s been on my nightstand for a while, I just keep forgetting about it!)

  2. I’m sorry I read the question wrong (*blushes*). My most anticipated releases this month are The Rose & The Dagger, The Star-Touched Queen & The Raven King <3

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